With Those In The Service: February 22, 1945

February 22, 1945

“Lieut.-Comdr.” Smoot of “Major” Smoot, Either’s Correct

Because the Marines depend upon the Navy for their doctors, Dr. M. C. Smoot, former Sykesville physician, who entered the Navy as a Lieutenant Commander, is now a Major in the Marines.

Lieut.-Comdr. Smoot, or Major Smoot (he is entitled to wear the uniform of either service but right now is a Marine officer with the Fifth Division), entered the Navy at Bainbridge, Md., on Jan. 17, 1944. He had been practicing for several years in Hagerstown. He was in the Navy just ten days when he was assigned to the Marine base at Camp LeJeune, N. C.

After three weeks at LeJeune, Dr. Smoot was ordered to Camp Elliott, San Diego, Calif., where he received five or six weeks of training as a field officer. He then was sent to Camp Pendleton, Oceanside, Calif., and remained there until September, 1944, when he was shipped overseas. He has been serving in the South Pacific.

Because his letters have ceased coming for the past two weeks, Mrs. Smoot, who resides in Hagerstown and was visiting in Sykesville one day last week, believes her husband’s outfit is in action against the Japs – a belief verified by current news reports of important U. S. Marine activities on Japan’s outpost island of Iwo Jima, a scant 750 miles south of Tokyo. In combat, Dr. Smoot, the commander of his company, does first aid surgery in a field hospital. His address is available at the Herald office.

Military Miscellany

Pvt. William E. McDonald, Sykesville, is a driver with the veteran 2nd Convalescent Hospital, now supporting combat units of Lt. Gen. Jacob L. Devers’ 6th Army Group in France.

Sgt. Paul Stevens, husband of the former Dremah “Peachie” Lusk, who was reported his outfit in Belgium.

“Well but homesick,” writes Jack Dryden from the Pacific after two years in the Navy. He is the father of a son more than a year old he has never seen. Jack is the son of Mr. and Mrs. John Dryden, of Baltimore, former Sykesville residents.

Lt. John Leatherwood, 24, a paratrooper, son of Mrs. Bradley C. Leatherwood, of Mt. Airy, was reported killed in Belgium on January 30. He was a nephew of Herbert Leatherwood, of Sykesville.

On Way Home

Capt. Margaret Currens, a U. S. army nurse, is enroute home after three years of overseas duty. She has been stationed in Australia. The daughter of Mr. and the late Mrs. Edgar C. Currens lost no time in packing her things when she received the glad orders. The home town will be equally glad to see you, Capt. Margaret!


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