With Those In The Service: February 3, 1944

February 3, 1944

More Local Men Called

The grim reality that the war is a long way from being won is brought home to a too-complacent public by the draft’s constant drain on the men of the community. The week several more from Sykesville’s thinning ranks passed their final physicals and were accepted for military service to begin some time within 21 to 90 days. In this latest group were: Lee Forthman, of the Carroll-Howard Supply Co., who goes into the Navy; James Stewart, local barber, Army; John Morris, Lansdowne, husband of the former Beatrice Berry of Sykesville, Navy.

Military Miscellany

Pfc. James B. Naurot, of the U.S. Marine Corps, is serving in the Pacific area and would like to hear from some of his classmates of Sykesville High School. His address may be obtained at this office or from his mother, Mrs. Arthur Mueller, Oakland road. (Editor’s note: Censorship prevents The Herald from publishing addresses of servicemen at sea or overseas.)

Mr. and Mrs. Gurney Leatherwood have two sons serving in widely separated theatres of war: Sgt. V.E. Leatherwood, who receives his mail in care of the San Francisco Postmaster; and Pfc. Richard Leatherwood, % Postmaster, New York City.

Naval Chaplain Karl B. Justus, who entered the service a little over a year ago with the rank of lieutenant, junior-grade, was promoted on January 20 to a first lieutenant, according to a letter from the former local minister received by Irvin E. Buckingham.

WAVE Mary Virginia Lee, who is stationed at the U.S. Naval Hospital in Brooklyn, N.Y., has been promoted to Pharmacist’s Mate 3-c.

Norman W. Dixon, husband of Mrs. Nellie Dixon, Flohrville merchant, has been promoted to Motor Machinist Mate, 1-c. His address: Norman M. Dixon, Mo. M. M. 1-c, Bk. 1, USN Air Training Station, Eagle Mountain Lake, Fort Worth, Texas.

A former movie house proprietor learning to become a sailor is Ira mill Sichelman, A.S., Co. 163, U.S. Naval Training Station, Great Lakes, Illinois.

Sgt. William A. Arrington, of Fort Jackson, S.C., was called home on a 7-day furlough by the death of his grandfather, Howard E. Hatfield.

Pvt. H. Milton Conaway, 33902525, recently inducted into the Army, is stationed at 133 General Hospital, Camp Gordon, Augusta, Ga.

At Great Lakes

A new recruit at the U.S. Naval Training Station, Great Lakes, Illinois, is Bluejacket Charles Evans Ely, 29, husband of Mrs. Dorothy Mae Ely, of Sykesville, Md.

Now undergoing “boot” training, he is being indoctrinated into Navy life, and is being instructed in seamanship, military drill, and naval procedure. Soon, he will be given a series of aptitude tests to determine whether he will be selected to attend one of the Navy’s service schools, or will be assigned to active duty at sea.

Upon completion of his recruit training, he will be granted a nine day leave

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