With Those In The Service: January 20, 1944

January 20, 1944

Military Miscellany

Robert Lewis, navy aviation machinist undergoing further schooling in Michigan, says that one of the test pilots at the big Willow Run airplane plant, is none other than Charles E. Lindbergh.

Pfc. Edward L. Thomas, a marine aviation machinist stationed at Cherry Point, N.C., has been home on a ten-day furlough, returning to his base this Sunday.

Cpl. Robert E. “Tubby” Hayes writes from Italy that he was pleased no little the other day when a couple of visitors strode into his tent. They turned out to be Soldier Harry Guy and his brother, the first hometown fellows Hayes has seen in a year overseas.

J. Frederick Koerner, of the 44th Infantry Band, Special Troops, Washington State, is spending a furlough with his wife, Mrs. Doris Yingling Koerner in Westminster, and with his parents, Dr. and Mrs. J.B. Koerner, Sykesville.

Ira Sichelman, former manager of the Sykes Theatre, has been inducted into the Navy and left for the Great Lakes Training Station on Wednesday of this week.

His “boot” training at Bainbridge Naval Station completed, Sailor Francis Stonebaker is spending a 9 day furlough with Mr. and Mrs. Harry Myers.

“They days here are swell, it’s orange season now, but it gets chilly at night.” So writes Pvt. Calvin C. Conaway, from North Africa. Calvin says he hasn’t received a Sykesville Herald for two months and is hungry for news from the hometown.

Grief came to newly-inducted Soldier William T. Thompson, of Oakland, this week, when, a few days before he was to report to the Army, his 28-year-old wife succumbed to a heart malady, leaving a four-year-old son.

Pvt. George A. Brown, of Sykesville, husband of Mrs. Rose E. Brown and nephew of Norwood Trott, of Oakland, was reported wounded in action, in a casualty list issued January 19 by the War Department.

Lt. John Robert Arrington, Jr., and wife, who spent the past week with the former’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. Robert Arrington, have returned to Maxwell Field, Montgomery, Ala.

Aviation Cadet James Bradley, of Maxwell Field, Alabama, and James Oliver Hughes, Jr., of Camp Wheeler, Ga., have been spending furloughs here. Both young men are grandsons of the late Mrs. William Umbaugh.

Cpl. Thomas B. Stone arrived Monday from Fort Lewis, Washington State, on a two-week furlough to visit his folks in Westminster and to take into himself a bride at Sykesville. He and the former Doris Burman were married here on Wednesday.

Sykesville High School Boys

Bearing a picture of the northwest doorway of the school, 137 Christmas greeting cards were sent to former Sykesville High School students now in the armed forces. Excerpts from some of the replies received by Principal John F. Wooden, Jr., follow:

Pvt. Leo Grimes, from “somewhere in Italy:” “The terrain is pretty rugged, so I guess it will take a long time to clean up Italy… The way the papers read the war may be over soon, but we know better.”

Sailor J.T. Scott, Jr., in a V-letter from the South Pacific: “I’m glad to know that you people back home are all thinking of us boys. Tell all the kids, thanks a lot.”

From Branch Warfield, studying to be an officer, in the Navy V-12 program at Emmittsburg, Md.: “When a fellow gets away, he occasionally looks back and finds that his high school was a major milestone, and it does him good to know he is still remembered… If any fellow at Sykesville doesn’t take all the math he can get, he’s either crazy or lazy.”

Pfc. Sterling Umbaugh, from the South Pacific: “The S.H.S. picture brings back many memories. Some I thought were tough, not knowing what the future would be.”

Pvt. Arthur W. Stem, South Pacific area: “Gee, I only wish I was still in a certain little school in Sykesville. Yes sir, those were the days, and I’m not kidding. If I was there now, I’d get good marks in scholarship and the teacher wouldn’t have to send me to the office either… Tell all the boys to stay in school.”

Cpl. Joshua F. Barnes, European area: “Thanks for remembering! After spending more than a year overseas, to hear from friends back in the United States and get some hometown news is a wonderful morale builder.”

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