With Those In The Service: July 13, 1944

July 13, 1944

Military Miscellany

Sgt. Sterling O. Umbaugh was seriously wounded in action June 20 on Blak Island, in the South Pacific. “You will be kept informed of his condition and he is getting the best of care,” the War Department advised his wife, Mrs. Posey Umbaugh, and his father, William H. Umbaugh. Nature of his injury was not disclosed.

Pvt. Calvin C. Conaway, son of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Conaway, of Sykesville, has been promoted to private first class. He is a bow gunner with a task unit of the Fifth Army in Italy.

Capt. John Nevin Paris, former Sykesville high school teacher, dropped in for an interesting visit with the Herald staff on Wednesday. He is an administrative officer at Camp Patrick Henry, Va., and is delighted with Army life.

Pvt. Stanley M. Ridgely, who was inducted into the Army on June 19, has been assigned to: Section M; Brcks. 339, Buckley Field, Denver, Colorado. His serial number is 33,891,428.

S. 2-c William J. Grimes, former Eldersburg grocer, who recently completed his Navy basic training, is taking a three-month hospital course at Bainbridge.

Guadalcanal Veteran

Cpl. Donald S. Mullenex, who served for a year and a half as a Marine Air Corps gunner in the South Pacific, has reported to Cherry Point, N. C., after a 35-day furlough, part of which was spent with his father, Arrel E. Mullenex, Sykesville. Cpl. Mullenex, former Springfield Hospital employee, enlisted in September 1942, at the age of 19. He wears three stars on his Asiatic-Pacific service ribbon for participation in the fighting on Guadalcanal, Munda and Boughanville. He also wears the American theatre ribbon and holds the Presidential Citation to the First Marine Division for meritorious service on Guadalcanal.

Soldier Items

Cpl. James Calvin Black, 19-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. James P. Black, of Randallstown, was graduated this week from the Army Air Forces Flexible Gunnery School at Fort Myers, Fla. He will be retained as an instructor at the school. Cpl. Black entered the Army 11 months ago, having been engaged in farming.

Pfc. Middleton B. Phelps, for 15 months an X-Ray technician at the Baltimore Induction Center, has been assigned to the other side of the continent for basic training in the Army Medical Corps. He is now stationed at: Co. A. 148th Bn., A. S. F. T. C., 35 Med. Tn. Regt., Fort Lewis, Wash.

A few weeks ago it was Trooper Wm. C. Dykes, of the Maryland State Police, stationed at Salisbury. Now, it is Pvt. Wm. C. Dykes, 6944607, Med. Corps, Fort Lewis, Washington.

Pfc. George A. Wetzel, son of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Wetzel, stationed for 17 months at Camp Reynolds, Pa., is now somewhere in England. He sends his best regards to friends at home.

Pfc. John Slack, an Army baker formerly stationed at Valley Forge General Hospital in Pennsylvania, has been transferred to Washington State.

On The Lighter Side

A furloughed paratrooper when asked how many jumps he had made, replied: “None. But I’ve been pushed 17 times.”–Time.

Sentry: “Who goes there?”
Major: “Major Jones.”
Sentry: “I can’t let you proceed without the password, sir.”
Major: “Drat it, man, I’ve forgotten it. You know me well enough.”
Sentry: “Must have the password.”
Voice from guardhouse: “Don’t stand there arguing all night; shoot ‘im,”–The Word.

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