With Those In The Service: March 23, 1944

March 23, 1944

Red Cross Package

One of the many fine things accomplished by the American Red Cross is the sending of one food package each week to each American prisoner of war. To many an American held in an enemy prison or internment camp, this weekly food package alone is a God-send. And, expect in the Far East, these packages are going through and being received by those for whom they are intended. Deliveries are reported at better than 95 per cent. To date over five million have been prepared and consigned to the International Red Cross Committee at Geneva, Switzerland, for distribution.

What does the Red Cross War Prisoner package contain? You will be surprised by the completeness of its content. Included:

6 pks. cigarettes
7 vitamin C tablets
4 chocolate bars
6-oz. pkg. army biscuit
12-oz. can corned beef
8-oz. pkg. cheese
2-oz. pkg. can soluble coffee
1-lb. can oleomargarine
1-lb. pkg. prunes
2 cakes soap
1-lb. can powdered milk
½-lb. box lump sugar
12-oz. can luncheon meats
6-oz. can strawberry jam
8-oz. can salmon

Military Miscellany

Major J.M. Paul is visting his father, Rev. G.W. Paul, at Alpha, Howard County, on a brief furlough. Major Paul has just returned from Australia, where he spent fifteen months as leader of a Troop Carrier Group, and now goes to Atlantic City, N.J., for re-assignment. Major Paul, who is expecting promotion to Lieut.-Colonel, has recently published a book of original poems, entitled “Once These Wings Were Silver.”

Recently inducted Sailors Lee Forthman and John Morris, who have been taking their “boot” training at the Bainbridge Naval Station, are expected home today (Thursday) on nine-day furloughs.

Cpt. Raymond L. Arrington, stationed at Tinker Field, Oklahoma, recently was awarded three medals – for good conduct, for sharp shooting and for efficient handling of Army trucks and jeeps.

Pvt. Dudley Brown returned to Camp Gruber, Oklahoma, Monday after a 12-day furlough with relatives in Sykesville and Baltimore.

At Pre-Flight School

ATHENS, GA. – Naval Aviation Cadet Wilbur E. Disharoon, of Sykesville, Md., has reported to the U.S. Navy Pre-Flight School here for three months of intensive physical toughening and instruction in advanced ground school subjects. Upon successful completion of the course, he will be transferred to a Naval air station to begin progressive flight training preparatory to joining a combat unit.

Disharoon, son of E.W. Disharoon, Sykesville, graduated from Sykesville High School in 1941. He completed Naval Flight Preparatory School at Troy, N.Y., and was transferred here from the CAA Training Service School, Columbia, S.C.

Soldier Items

Pfc. Claude W. Meadows has returned to Salt Lake City, Utah, after spending a furlough at home.

Sailor “Monk” Brandenburg, who says he can hardly wait until Monday noon comes around to get the Herald and news from home, recently was transferred to a new activity. His address: Milton H. Brandenburg, S. 1-c, C.B.M.U. 596 Personnel, A.B.D. Receiving Bks., Gulfport, Miss.

Some weeks ago this column reported a contribution to the local firemen’s sustaining membership fund from a soldier stationed out in California. Now comosone dollar from Pvt. Arthur W. Stem, from the Aleutians, off the tip of Alaska. Which goes to show that, wherever they are, the boys are keeping in touch with things back home.

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