With Those In The Service: May 24

May 24, 1945

Soldier Items

In a U. S. Army picture a group of American convalescent soldiers in Britain, Sgt. William A. Arrington, near Sykesville, looks none the worse for wear, despite several months in a German prison camp before his release by liberating allied forces. The picture was taken May 16 when the soldiers were entertained by British friends at the Empire Theatre, Nottingham, England. Sgt. Arrington sends his greetings to relatives and friends in this community.

According to a dispatch from seventh Army Headquarters, T-5 Gerald A. Duerr, Sykesville, husband of Mrs. Hilda Duerr, was recently promoted to the grade of sergeant. Sgt. Duerr is serving with the 11th Field Hospital.

Staff Sergeant John W. Duvall, stationed in Germany, has been promoted to the rating of Technical Sergeant. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Duvall, Eldersburg.

Military Miscellany

After nearly three years in teh Army as an aviation mechanic, Pvt. M. W. “Mike” Carter has received an honorable discharge, under the recent ruling releasing men over 40 years of age.

Lewis Mercer, Sykesville, has been ordered by his Frederick county draft board to report for induction on Monday, May 28.

Pvt. Harry J. Schafer, J., the absent member of this year’s graduating class of Sykesville High School, has been awarded a $25 war bond for expert markmanship at Camp Blanding, Fla. Harry took an accelerated course and was graduated from the local high school just before entering the service on April 2.

Passing physical and aptitude tests, Donald Clarke, son of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Clarke, this week enlisted in the Navy. He expects to be called for service in the near future.

S. 1-c Allen Bernard Cook, of Norfolk, Va., spent the weekend with his wife and daughter here.

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