With Those In The Service: May 31, 1945

May 31, 1945

Military Miscellany

Two Sykesville men were among the 185,000 men and women of the Eight U. S. Air Force in England who were congratulated on V-E day by their famed commander, Lt. Gen. James H. Doolittle. They were Pfc. Harry T. Brown, Jr., and Pfc. Phillip L. Gamber.

Phm. Mate 3-c William J. Grimes has received an honorable discharge from the Navy and is back at his home and store in Eldersburg.

Cpl. John W. Trayers, Jr., as assistant squad leader with the 2nd Infantry Division in Germany, has been awarded the combat infantryman badge. He is the husband of Mrs. Florence Trayers, R. 3, Sykesville.

After 15 months’ service as second in command on a P. T. boat in the Pacific, Navy Lt. Clyde W. Simpson is back in the States on a 30-day furlough. He has been a guest at the home of Mr. and Mrs. George Banks and leaves today (Thursday) for his home in Florida.

Army Nurses, Lt. Margaret Krelder, and Lt. Eugenin Maddon, Fort Jackson, S. C., spent the weekend at the home of the former’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Barnes.

Norris Alexander, U. S. Merchant Marine, is visiting his mother, Mrs. Mabel Alexander.

Weds Texas Girl

2nd Lt. Samuel T. Slack and his bride, the former Miss Mayrene, Hallmark, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Hallmark, of Abilene, Texas, are spending an eight-day leave at the home of the local officer’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dallan Slack, near Sykesville.

The couple were married on Monday, May 28, at 7 p. m. by Chaplain Smith in the post chapel at Camp Gordon, Georgia, where the groom is stationed with the medical administrative branch of the army.

A veteran of 18 months’ service in the Middle East, 2nd Lt. Slack met his bride while attending officer candidate school in Texas, from which he was graduated Sept. 20, 1944.

Cpl. Lindsay Forthman Gets Fifth Bronze Battle Star

436TH TROOP CARRIER GROUP, FRANCE — Four times previously awarded battle participation credit for Troop Carrier sorties on the Western Front, Corporal Alfred L. Forthman, a communications wire lineman with a Troop Carrier squadron, has been presented with his fifth bronze battle star, significant of service in five major campaigns in the European Theater of Operations.

Cpl. Forthman’s unit, the 436th Troop Carrier Group, commanded by Col. Adriel N. Williams, of Shelbyville, Ky., performed Troop Carrier operations in the areas of Northern France, Southern France, Normandy, Rome Arno and Germany. The Group was cited for its successful fulfillment of airborne drop operations on D-Day in Normandy, and has since carried out thousands of resupply and air evacuation missions between combat sorties.

Cpt. Forthman is the son of Mrs. Mary O. Forthman, and the late William Forthman, of Sykesville, Md.

A graduate of Sykesville High School, Cpl. Forthman, prior to entering the service in March, 1943, was employd as a salesman by the Carroll-Howard Supply Company, of Sykesville.

Two other brothers now in the service are M-Sgt. H. Edward Forthman, who is in the Army, and Marvin Lee Forthman, in the Navy.

Part of Maj. Ben Paul L. Williams’ U. S. Troop Carrier Forces of the First Allied Airborne Army, headed by Lt. Gen. Lewis H. Brereton, the 436th Troop Carrier Group, previously based in England, is now stationed in France.

Naval Officer Openings

The Navy’s V-5 program was recently reopened and young men interested may now apply, according to an announcement from the Office of Naval Officer Procurement, 1320 G Street, N. W.,  Washington, D. C.

Successful candidates will be enlisted as apprentice seamen to become ensigns, U. S. Naval Reserve, upon completion of training starting on July 1, 1945.

Further information may be obtained from the above office or any navy recruiting station.

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