With Those In The Service: November 16, 1944

November 16, 1944

Sgt. Harry Etzler’s Air Force Unit Cited


Staff Sergeant Harry W. Etzler, Jr., of Sykesville, Md., IFF Mechanic, has served overseas 22 moths with the AAF’s oldest B-26 Marauder group, which has been cited by the President for “outstanding performance of duty in armed conflict with the enemy,” during a January 13, 1944 mission over Rome Clampino North and South Air-dromes, in preparation for the Allied landings and Neltuno, Italy, on January 22nd, 1944.

He is entitled to wear the blue and gold framed Distinguished Unit Badge, the only army award worn above the right hand blouse pocket. His Bombardment Wing was recently cited b y General de Gualle, Chief of the French Armies, for outstanding bombing support of Allied ground forces in Central Italy.

His was the first B-26 group in Major General John K. Cannon’s 12th AAF to complete 400 missions and, as the Presidential citation mentions, flew 216 missions between 1 January 1944 and 31 January 1944, during which period it reflected great credit on the military service of the United States.

Justus Here Saturday

Chaplain Karl B. Justus, who has 30 days leave, and his family plan to be in Sykesville from November 18th to the 26th, arriving here from Mrs. Justus’ home in Baltimore, Ohio, on Saturday night. “Since it is out of my jurisdiction to do pastoral calling,” says Chaplain Justus to his former parishioners here, “I’ll not be doing any–but I’ll be looking forward to seeing friends on the street, in the stores, at Church and at Rotary.

At the invitation of Rev. Ransom, Chaplain Justus will preach this Sunday morning at St. Paul’s.

Military Miscellany

Necessity, plus Yankee ingenuity, equals invention. Because his medical unit in Indis enjoyed the luxury of ice cream only twice in 23 months, Sgt. Seth Howes set about fashioning an ice cream freezer from a tin can. Since then, writes Seth, they have been making ice cream frequently.

Pfc. Dudley Brown and Sgt. Alfred Glass have arrived at their destination overseas and are now receiving their mail in care of the Postmaster, New York.

Capt. R. K. Barnes, who has completed a special course at Port Benning, and Mrs. Barnes, arrived from Georgia Sunday for a 2 1/1 weeks’ leave. They are spending several days the latter part of this week with Mrs. Barnes’ brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Friedel, in Massachusetts.

“Assistant Surgeon”

Final instruction in chemical warfare, tactics, field medicine and surgery, sanitation, administration and logistics is being received by recently-commissioned Lt. Samuel T. Slack, of Sykesville, at the School for Battalion Surgeon’s Assistants, Camp Barkeley, Texas.

“We realize that we cannot make doctors of you in a matter of months that takes years,” said the school commandant, “but at officers’ candidate school you demonstrated your ability, and with this added training we feel sure you are well fitted for your duties.”

Soldier Items

T.-5 Clyde S. Lewis is now serving with the Aviation Engineers in the Philippines.

Pvt. Stanley Parks, Jr., 339082091, whose military training has been interrupted by illness, may be reached at this address: A.A.F. Regional Hospital, Robins Field, 3, Georgia.

Pvt. Donald Hood, 33841304, has just been transferred to: See. M. (Rec. Sqd.), B. A. A. F., Ft. Myers, Fla.

Recently returned from a tour of overseas duty and wearing the ETO ribbon, S.-Sgt. Archie Lohlnevar, of Sykesville, who entered the Army in May 1942, is now a crew chief stationed at the Army Air Field, Fort Sumner, New Mexico.

C. W. O. George A. Dudderar, of the Marines, has been transferred to Camp Pendleton, Calif.


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