With Those In The Service: November 23, 1944

November 23, 1944

“Missing” Soldier Is Safe

Listed as “missing in action” for several months, Pvt. James O. Hughes, Jr., is safe and back with his company in Italy, according to a letter from him just received by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ollie Hughes.

Military Miscellany

With General Patton’s Third Army, which has been making the headlines daily in the furious fighting for Metz, is Cpl. Robert Frampton.

An officer in the U. S. Merchant Marine is what Russel Paul Hughes, member of the 1944 graduating class of Sykesville High School, hopes to become. He left Sunday night to report as a Merchant Marine Cadet, Midshipman Academy, King’s Point, N. Y.

It’s overseas duty for T.-5 James A. Stewart, former Sykesville barber, who now receives his mail in care of the Postmaster, New York.

Pfc. Richard Leatherwood has been moved from England to France and is now stationed near Paris. His brother, Sgt. V. E. Leatherwood, is serving on the other side of the world, in Hawaii. Calling from Hawaii, Sgt. Leatherwood delighted his wife in Sykesville on Monday evening with a nine-minute telephone conversation in honor of their wedding anniversary.

Pfc. Geo. Leakins In N. Y.

Pfc. George Leakins, who has been in a hospital in England recovering from wounds received in Germany, has arrived safely in the States and is now in a hospital in New York, according to a message received from him by his parents on Monday. George said: “I am well and will see you soon.” A veteran of the North African and Italian campaigns, the former Sykesville grocery clerk has been wounded twice, having fallen the first time in the Normandy fighting about three months ago.

His address: Pfc. George Leakins, Jr., 33555666, Halloran General Hospital, 1258th S. C. S. U., Slaten Island, N. Y.

Soldier Items

Pvt. Roland F. Duvall has been transferred from Kentucky to California.

Word has been received that S. Sgt. Joseph H. Grimes, Jr., formerly of West Friendship, has been awarded the Silver Star. He is with the Third Army in France.

Pvt. Ralph T. Mullinix, 33891424, formerly of Fort Bragg, N. C., has been transferred to: Stry. C. 604th F. A. Ba., Camp Swift, Texas. APO 325.

Howard Cofiell, of the U. S. Navy, spent the weekend with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Cofiell, of Oakland.

Pvt. Darrell Richardson, Camp Wheeler, Ga., is spending a ten-day furlough with his family. He was a guest Tuesday night of the Sykesville Rotary Club.

Pvt. Jay Ports is now stationed in England.

Pfc. Jack Horan, Philadelphia, visited his aunt, Mrs. V. C. Leatherwood, Tuesday evening. He saw action in North Africa and later in Italy, where he was wounded last March. Since June he has been receiving hospitalization in this country. He wars the Purple Heart and several other decorations.

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