With Those In The Service: November 9, 1944

November 9, 1944

With “Lost Battalion”

News stories this week in the daily press concerning an American “lost battalion” in France were of special interest to Sykesville readers. the battalion, of an infantry regiment of the Seventh Army, was cut off by the Germans for six days, with virtually no food or water, before it was rescued. One of the soldiers who survived the venture was Sgt. William Bandorick, husband of the former Barbara Howes, of Sykesville.

Military Miscellany

John W. Williams, A.M.M. 2-c, son of Mr. and Mrs. John H. Williams, Liberty road, was home on a few hours liberty Saturday. He is being transferred from Grosse Ile N.A.S., Michigan, to advanced Navy Liberator School at Minneapolis, Minn. Here, he will undergo a ten weeks course in ground maintenance of Liberator Patrol Bombers.

Pvt. Ralph T. (Jack) Mullinix, of Fort Bragg, M. C., is home on a ten-day furlough. In the Army for nearly five months, Jack has volunteered for service with the Ski troops. He is to report to Camp Swift, Texas, for four weeks of mortar fire training, after which he expects to be sent to Nebraska.

Staff Sergeant Warren W. “Tiny” Blizzard has been transferred from India to Burma. He longs to hear from friends in the home town who may obtain his address at the Herald office.

Soldier Items

Mr. and Mrs. Herschel Miller, of Gamber, received a telegram from the War Department on Saturday that their son Pfc. Glenn W. Miller was seriously wounded in Germany on Oct. 18. Glenn left the States on July 22.

Cpl. Wallace V. Brown has been transferred from Camp Stewart, Ga., to Camp Gordon in the same State. His wife is with him.

Malcolm E. Burtman, Jr.,of the Merchant Marine, back from trips to Trinidad, the West Indies and Guam, is spending some time at his home here, pending further orders.

With The B-17s One Year

The cyclone of events leading toward the end of the war in Europe has climaxed a year or service with the Eighth Air Force in England for Cpl. William H. Waltrip, 24-year old B-17 Flying Fortress aircraft refueler, of Sykesville, Md.

Cpl. Waltrip, son of Mrs. Alsie Waltrip, of Sykesville, has contributed to the marked success of his veteran Fortress group, the 390th, which has flown more than 200 bombing attacks against vital Nazi targets stretching from the French coast to Roumania.

The 390th holds a Presidential citation for its highly successful bombing operations and is credited officially with the destruction and probably destruction of more than 500 Nazi planes. Cpl. Waltrip wears two battle stars in his European campaign ribbon.

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