With Those In The Service: October 5, 1944

October 5, 1944

Wounded in France

Technician Fifth Grade Gurney E. Davis Jr., was wounded seriously in action in France on September 18, according to a telegram received by his wife, the former Helen Magin, of Westminster. The notice said that the local man was hospitalized and that a letter would follow.

Military Miscellany

Chief Petty Officer George Rehbein, who has recently been stationed in New York, is home on a 30-day furlough, accompanied by his wife. George, who served for several years in the Pacific and saw much of the fighting with the Japs early in this war, says he expects to be sent back to the West Coast and the Pacific.

S. Sgt. Edwin H. Beall, who in his nearly two years overseas has seen action in Africa and Italy, is no in Southern France, according to a letter dated September 5, received this week by relatives at Gaither.

Pfc. Wade Thompson, Jr., of Randolph Field, Texas, accompanied by his wife, arrived in Sykesville on Tuesday for a 15-day furlough.

From Chaplain Justus

In a letter dated Sept. 10th, Lt. Karl Justus, chaplain on a naval troop transport that has been helping to drive the Japs from Guam and other islands of the Pacific, writes:

I have had my orders five weeks today to return to the States, and they are two months old tomorrow form date of issue. I had expected to at least be on my way to the States by this time. However, I can’t be detached till relieved by the next Chaplain, and he has not caught us yet– and now for awhile there will be no opportunity. Thus, it may be October or November before I finally get back. When I do get back, I expect to spend a few days of my leave in Sykesville before reporting to a new assignment, which ought to be somewhere in the States, though I will not know until I get back. now

I hope to goodness this whole war will be over ere too long. If the enemy had any sense they’d give up–but I guess they figure they might as well cause as much havoc as they can. I’ll still never be a pacifist, but I’ll surely lift a mighty voice against war whenever I have the opportunity.

No doubt you saw my “mug” in the morning Sun on August 12th, and that told you where I was in the last fray.

Must close now. Whenever you get this, just explain that I’m waiting for relief, and will be home whenever he arrives. In the meantime, there is no need for people to write as the mail might miss me.

Hello to all my friends. So long for now, and God bless you.

(Sept. 22– We are just leaving this mess. It has been the worst of all.)

Soldier Items

Pvt. Bernard Zimmerman, just transferred from Florida to Fort Meade, Mil., is home on furlough.

Chief Warrant Officer George Dudderar of the Marrines, and Mrs. Dudderar, arrived Wednesday from Norfolk, Va., for a visit of several days here. They plan to return Saturday.

S. Sgt. Vernon Bennett, stationed at an army hospital in Pennsylvania, is home until Sunday on leave.

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