Woodbine Man Leaps to Death

December 25, 1913

Reuben F. Henry, Delirious, Jumps From Window


Nurse Made Heroic Effort to Save the Patient, and Was Nearly Dragged Through the Window

Reuben F. Henry, a farmer of Woodbine, aged 28 years, and well known in Sykesville, went to Baltimore on a visit on December 14. We was taken with a chill which developed into pneumonia and last Thursday was admitted to the Maryland General Hospital. He was placed in a ward on the third floor.

Shortly after 9 o’clock on Sunday morning, Miss Elsie Ritter, the nurse who had charge of Henry’s case, went to make up his bed. His condition did not appear to be critical and he was placed in a chair near the bed. Suddenly he threw off his heavy wraps and started for the partially opened window. The nurse sought to intercept the patient, but he thrust her aside and in spite of her efforts, he leaped through the window.

He fell to the granite steps below and every bone in his body was broken. Dr. Walker and his assistants heard the body strike and rushed to the man’s aid. They picked up the quivering body and started for the operating room, but the man died on the way. The nurse made a heroic effort to save the man and was nearly dragged through the window. The patient was delirious from illness and imagined he heard a voice calling him. Henry was well known in the neighborhood of Woodbine. He was unmarried.

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