Work Due To Start On Water System

February 15, 1968

Weather permitting, work on a public water system for Sykesville is to begin Thursday, Feb. 15.

Richard F. Kline, Inc., Frederick firm, which was awarded the local contract by the Carroll County Sanitary Commission, has set up a field office on the old Kalorama property, from which to direct construction operations.

The $253,653.90 contract, calling for the installation of water mains and fire hydrants within 270 days, was signed last December 12.

At a meeting of the mayor and Council of Sykesville on Monday evening, the town officials agreed to provide the Sykesville Volunteer Fire Company with water at no charge when the new system is in operation.

It was stipulated, however, that the free water is to be used only for fire fighting and essential operations. This was done to eliminate possible problems in the event the Fire Company receives requests  for water from owners of private swimming pools.

Mayor Horace C. Jefferson said the starting of work on the water project awaited only a break in the current stretch of severe winter weather.

In other action at the town meeting, Thomas Wright, president of Liberty Talc Mines, Inc., agreed to several measures to help cut down dust from his plant at a meeting with Mayor Jefferson, Councilman William Brandenburg and Town Attorney C. Rogers Hall, the mayor reported.

Wright agreed to cover his trucks with tarpaulin, to enclose part of the loading area “when he has sufficient funds” and explained that a new polyethyiene bag being used in packaging should have less leakage than the old burlap bags, Brandenburg said.

Mrs. Edna May Lyons, acting town clerk, reported that Liberty Talc had paid the town a total of $1,300 owed in back taxes.

The council increased hourly rate paid workers on the garbage collection from $1.50 to $1.75. No action was taken on Councilman Francis C. Manner’s suggestion that the town hire a permanent maintenance employee to free police officer Millard Cooper.


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