Young People Aiding War Clothing Drive With Repair and Salvage Clinic

April 12, 1945

The young people of St. Paul’s Church, in cooperation with the nationwide drive for cast-off clothing, which in this community, is being handled by the local Rotary Club, will meet on Saturday between the hours of 10 A.M. and 4 P.M., in the social hall of the church. Here they will repair and salvage garments and usable materials which they have collected during the week. The garments will also be packed in readiness to send to their destination here.

All young people of the community and older persons, too, who are willing to help alleviate the sufferings of the cold, naked and starving people in the warn-torn countries all over the world, are urged to join the group whether they attend St. Paul’s or not.

Anyone desiring to assist with this work but who cannot stay the full time, will be very valuable, even though they can spare only two hours or so.

At a later date, there will be another repair and salvage clinic conducted by Freedom 4-H Club, of which due notice will be given.

Everyone who attends there salvage clinics is asked to bring needle, rule, thimble and scissors if possible. The latter should be suspended from the waist by a tape or ribbon so as to be handy when needed.

No arrangements have been made for lunch but there will be a lunch period in which those living in town may go home. Others are asked to bring a sandwich, and a beverage will be furnished.

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